Taiwan Unturned Server
Constantly attacked but never defeated

 About Server Admin

[TW] Penguin(墨索里尼,阿.伯起來了)job title: Server Owner

Ge Wei Yuan Gong , Wo Shih Fu Zong Tsai : Mo Suo Li Ni

Tao Yan Rong Yuan , Duei Wo Men Gong Sih Mei You Bang Jhu De Ren

Wo Men De Gong Sih Shih Ge Fa Jhih De Chyu Yu

Bu Guan Shih Guan Li Yuan Hai Shih Wan Jia Jhih Yao Shou Fa Jiou Bu Yong Chih Zih Dan

"Bie Kan Ni Jin Tian Nao De Huan , Jiou Pa Jiang Lai La Ching Dan"

[TW] Maizuru(MAI)job title: Server Owner

I am MAI,The project I am responsible for is

Website,Unturned Server,

Discord BOT programming...and many more

You usually don't see me in the Server,I work in the background

"My principle is to deal with violations, whether they are friends or not"

[TW] 5026(Koarashi,夜澪)job title: Discord Administrator

I'm skilled in website developer areas of PHP,JavaScript,CSS and so on

Independently produced the forum website

I will punish person and I don't care you are my friend or not if they break the law

[HK] 山姆大叔(SamCheung)job title: Supervision departmentAdministrators

Expert in punish cheater, efficiency is very good; I can keep vanishing and follow to you

I'm a nice helper. If you have any question, you can ask to me. We have detailed teaching in SteamGroup

EagleManager consultant. Expienced in server settings, trades, price equilibrium, mods and so on

I am a girl's dog 🖕

Allegiance to Maizuru, our common goal is make a better, fair platform for every player

[TW] 09487(帥哥)job title: WarServer B-Administrators

Hello everyone! I am a streamer

[There used to be unturned server but now there is no]

But still at extramarital affairs

Online streaming in the future

I hope you can find me

[TW] WTFjob title: ModServer B-Administrators

Professional looking for ghosts

Allegiance to the Eagle Company

"The dictatorship is good or bad because of the dictator's thoughts."

"The shortcomings of democracy must bear the wrong choice of most people"

[TW] 皮薩羅(z18951999,魷魚王)job title: ModServer C-Administrators

Professional arms piracy, the most frequent online voyeur, the heir to the head of the will

Loyalty to the great eagle mod Server

he squid king. Lead SS and the stormtroopers to catch juice everywhere every day

(big eyes pay attention)

[TW] WALL EEE(瓦力)job title: MainServer C-Administrators

I'm Mocky,Main sever admin

A lazy blue robot

Hanging around on the server when boring

[TW] 樂可可job title: ModServer C-Administrators

Hello, everyone

I am the most beautiful coco😊

I like murder teammates😶 

My game time is not necessarily

Hacker caution,I may be behind you at any time.

"We welcome peoplewho are passionate about the server"